Responsibility Outweighs Opportunities

28 05 2013

lord-take-my-hand-and-lead-me-500When I was still new here in Thailand, I was so bored that I persisted in praying to God that He will give me something to do. At first my attention were diverted into earning a  living since most of the Filipinos I met here in Nonthaburi are working. I tried doing that to the extent of doing something which I know was wrong. I indeed got a very short shot at it, I was able to teach but in just a so short period. I didn’t have  a problem with the school neither did the school had a problem with me. They even wanted me to stay but unfortunately the agency doesn’t want it to happen. So, it never did happen, I later on realized that God’s plan was entirely different as to what I have in mind as He said in the book of Isaiah 55:8-9 KJV…

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

So, after a couple of years of waiting for God’s plan to manifest in my life it finally came to us 2 years ago. He entrusted to us a ministry that I never dream would be possible especially that we are actually foreigners here in Thailand. God let us open an ACE school ministry, at first we were a bit uncertain since there were so many struggles that we have gone through. However, despite of all the challenges and problems we continued to tread the path that God has lead us. It was then that my family saw God’s goodness and hands in showing us His abundant blessings if we only do His will. I started to be involved in our church activities and ministries alongside with the school. We’ve struggled financially and personally but God was always there to lift us up even when those people whom we trusted turned their backs on us.

Today, my heart and soul is in the ministry that God has entrusted to me there are even times that the thought of leaving such ministry scares me. I can’t understand why i felt that way but God showed me the answer to it. He put me to the test by offering me irresistible opportunities that I would desperately grab if it had been offered to me 2 years ago.  I tried to find a way to work it out but my mind kept on bothering me and the thought of not being able to fulfill my commitment to the people that trusted me bothered me. Here it is two opportunities that offers financial sustenance especially that another member of the family is on its way. The more that such worldly matters pressure me the more that the spirit tells me and asked me this question over and over again. “Did God ever abandon you in good times and bad times all these years?”

That question always leads me back to my senses knowing that for several times God literally showed how He works in our lives, i may not earn as much as some of the Filipinos that are here. but one thing is sure, I am content, satisfied and have that peace of mind that some of these people doesn’t have. most importantly i have my God who I can rely on come what may. Does with boldness and with God’s grace and wisdom I was able to resist and turn down the two opportunities and I also hope and pray that god will continue to strengthen me to resist any opportunities that are still on its way. For me the RESPONSIBILITY that God has entrusted to me outweighs all of the opportunities that this world has to offer, after all our Lord Jesus Christ Himself said this in Matthew 6:33 “But seek YE first the kingdom of God, and all THESE THINGS shall be added unto you.” that promise is good enough for me to hang onto.

My decisions may sound stupid and irrational, but i know that this is what God wants me to do and this is what was God’s plan for me and my family that is why He lead us into Thailand.


Don’t Get Deceived Like Them

25 04 2013

Didn’t Christ only have 12 Disciples? Who are those two women with them suppose to be?

“18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Revelation 22: 18-19

One thing that made Mark Burnett‘s The Bible Series popular all over the world is that He already had a name before he has decided to produce it. Televiewers who loves to watch reality TV shows know his name and his been successful in almost all of the Reality TV series or shows he has produced over the years. So, who in their right mind will reject Mark Burnett’s offer to show any kind of show he is going to produce. That alone gave him an edge over all the others who produced movies with Biblical themes over the past several decades.

One cannot judge the couple’s intention in producing such type of  V series, it would have been better for them to stick on their specialties rather than touch what people in Old timers used to be sacred, The Bible. That is why most of the films during the Golden years strictly follows what was written in the Bible because producers and screenwriters have enough respect to God’s word. It is sad to know that the recently produced TV series has been too humanized and became too secular that it became just an ordinary show in History channel.

It lacks depth and meaning, most of the stories were too shallow and filled with human emotions and the writers own opinions of the scene. I could bare to finish the entire series because aside from it has skipped so many important stories and neglected so many important characters of the Bible, it has been rewritten by mindless morons who does not regard the Bible as God’s Holy word.

I was planning to have an in-depth review from one episode to another but the more I watched it, it seems I am enduring an unbearable pain deep inside of me. it’s like I am eating a rotten food that is difficult to swallow and had to stop watching it for my own good. My family and I were able to finish the Old Testament version of the series in which even my kids who knows most part of the Old Testament keeps saying, “It’s not what it says in the Bible”.

I tried watching the episode were it was already touching our Lord Jesus Christ‘s story, and in the very first part of the story alone. I found several scenes that were way off from the Bible, I don’t want to go into detail of the entire scene but you can see that every scene will leave several doubts and questions in the viewers mind (especially if that viewer is well verse with the Word of God). All we could do is shake our head in disbelief that these so-called best writers blasphemed the Word of God in every aspect adding scenes and words that are not in the Bible and omitting the more important ones.

I tried watching Jesus’ story but didn’t bother finishing it anymore, when I saw several disturbing scenes. One of them is that I have observed that among Jesus disciples there was always a woman with them. Wherever Christ go that woman was there helping and assisting and you can see that her role is actually among the 12 disciples. Indeed, they’ve rewritten the entire Bible just to make sure that it will fit into the allotted time that History Channel allowed them to air.

As one of those who were able to watch the series who made a review in one of the online Christian store, it is not worth collecting but the entire series is good for the trash. It’s full of crap, a kind of crap that most people nowadays would rather accept as long as they will not find it offensive or will not touch the kind of life they live. The kind of Gospel that is acceptable for them, that is why they have re-written every story in the Bible to make it fit to the kind of lifestyle and understand that they have.

What is more disappointing is that even those Religious and Church leaders who are popular the likes or Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and a few more others applaud and recommended this series to churches all around the world. The Bible says in Matthew 24: 24 “24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  and indeed this TV series will deceive millions without even realizing they’ve been deceived.

Mark Burnett’s The Skipping Bible Series

24 04 2013

downloadYeah, I know it’s too late to react. I get that but it is only now that I was able to acquire a full copy of Mark Burnett‘s version of The Bible TV Series. I promised once that once I will be able to watch it I will write a review about it, although when the trailer has been showed late March before what the Catholic call as the Holy Week. I was able to watch one of the trailers and I was disappointed at it right away, not because of the CGI, or of the casting but because of some misquotations of the characters of what was written in the Bible.

It’s simple really, if I am the author of a Book and someone will ask to make a film out of it. I would definitely insist that they stick to my Book than make a film out of what I had written. The problem of the Film producers today is that they always perceived that Christian movie goers who love to watch films that are based from the Bible are IDIOTS who cannot determine a film that is entirely written based on their own interpretation or from the one that is  taken from the Word of God.

To be BLUNT and FRANK, Mark Burnett hired writers who are either UNBELIEVERS or has another version of the Bible. Most part of the series was basically an open insult and blatant perversion of what is written in the Bible. They should have titled the series by episode  instead rather than entitling it “The Bible” since they didn’t really follow it religiously and were not true to the spirit of the Book as they say in their Disclaimer.

So, I am going to write a blow by blow review on its episode to guide those who haven’t watched it yet, but for me and my kids the entire series was a big LET DOWN. Why entitled it the Bible when it has skipped so many important characters  and stories, it should have been entitled The Skipping Bible Film.

The 1st episode “The Beginning” covers the Creation and the story of Noah down to Abraham. When it comes to CGI, it was pretty good there is no doubt about it that they’ve indeed hired the best CGI creator in the business. The costumes are too flashy, you will instantly know that the film is intended for TV, it’s not a silver or big screen material. Most of the time you will have that feeling that you are just watching a Play in  a theater, you could tell that the actors are just ACTING OUT their parts.

The series started to be messy right away, after the creation they followed it with the Story of Noah right in the middle of the flood. I may not know what was in their minds when they’ve decided to skip the part where they have to show why there was that big flood in the first place. But right then and there I knew that they have omitted that best part where it explains why God caused that great flood. All that was shown was the murder of Cain to Abel and the following scene relies on the narrator. If I am not familiar with the Bible I will then assume that the reason God caused such a great flood was because of that scene.

After the Great Flood came the story of Abraham (they really have fast tracked the story to conserve time), it started with Abraham’s coming out from the country where he and Lot was staying. Once again, they skipped one important character and story, The Tower of Babel. I guess the writers thought it has no significant and is not that important….

What was disturbing in the series is that it was way OFF from what was written in the Bible. in Genesis 13:1-6 it says that Abram and Lot were rich in flocks, herds and tents. However, in the series, there is no sign that the character of Abram was rich, the actor was rugged looking and looks like an ordinary, poor shepherd and in the series the reason that Abram and Lot’s herdsmen were fighting is that they lack resources and it has been emphasized that they were dying in hunger that is why Lot’s wife persuades Lot to separate from Abram.

After this, Abraham then met three strangers in which one of them resembles the Lord Jesus Christ. After telling him the good news, the two angels left for Sodom and Gomorrah for God  is going to destroy these two cities. Another scene that could be misleading was the conversation between the Lord and Abraham, when the Lord told him that He’s going to destroy the city and Abraham defended it asking several questions which can be read in Genesis 18:23-33. The Lord’s answer after Abraham’s question was “I will not destroy it”, it implies that the Lord knows the number of people who are righteous in that two cities. But in the TV series the Lord’s answer to Abraham was different,When Abraham asked the Lord if there are 50 righteous people in the city will He still destroy them. The Lord replied if “My ANGELS” find fifty righteous people He is not going to destroy it. Let’s back off a little bit and think this line over. Does this line denies one of God’s attributes which is His being an Omnipresent God? The Bible clearly says in Gen. 18:26 in answer to Abraham’s question if there are 50 righteous people in the city. The Lord clearly says in this verse, “If I (in the entire passages you will not find a single passage that He said If my Angels, The Lord always says if I find)” Isn’t it misleading and deny God being an all knowing God?

Another character that caught our attention, even my kids laughed so hard about it was the character of the two Angels and their apparels or their clothes. The Angels looked like occult members in Red Hood what is worse is that they looked like a character in RPG Assassin’s Creed, with their sword and all. What is funny is that after they’ve blinded the people that were after them, they were on their way out of the City one of them did the Jet Li or Donnie Yen kind of thing, swinging his two swords from left to right while flipping in the air. WHAT THE HECK was I watching? I guess the writer was either a fan of the Assassin’s Creed RPG and a lover of Jet Li or Donnie Yen.

The next part of the story that they’ve skipped was when Sarah asked Abraham to send away Hagar . The series showed a part where Abram sent Hagar away but skipped the part where God talked to Hagar while she and Ishmael were in the wilderness (Gen. 21:16-21). I guess this part isn’t that important for the writers as well.

Again, one of the very important part of Abraham’s story that they’ve injected a different twist was the part where Abraham was about to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. In the series, when Abraham was about to struck Isaac with his knife a voice called out his name and when he lifted his eyes on the mountain he saw a man in Red Hood. That’s it..the man just called out his name which is way different from what is written in Gen. 21:11-14. The Angel talked to Abraham..he just didn’t call out his name to stop him from sacrificing his son.

Well, I guess they were running out of time that is why they have to cut it short and skipped the dialogues. After all they were airing in a Paid time and the episodes has to run within the allowed time by the network. There it is, the 1st episode ended with the Creation, the Great Flood and the story of Abraham.

If I will let you guess what would be the 2nd episode be, you’ll assume it would be the story of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. None of them for they have omitted these three very important stories in their version of the series and they proceeded right into the story of Moses.  That is why I said it would have been better if they a have just entitled it “The Skipping Bible TV Series”.

“5 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.”  Proverbs 30:5-6  (KJV)

Eager As a Child

22 04 2013


For several months now we’ve been going back and forth to the site where our Fellow Filipinos are working, it is just sad to know that most of their will end their contracts on May and some of them are going home. This will include their Foreman Celso Quina who’s one of the influence when it comes to letting them attend our Bible studies.

Last Sunday afternoon, we forgot to confirm to him that we are going to conduct the Bible study even though we’ve informed them ahead of time  when they have attended our church service  during the Songkran Holiday (Sunday). That was the reason why there were only a few of them who were able to attend the Bible Study since most of them went out to do their Laundry while others have things to attend to. One of those who attended the Bible study shared to us that they were not really expecting that we will be there since nobody called foreman and informed him. He then said that if someone informs their foreman he usually disseminate the information right so that those who got things to do or things to attend to usually cancel their appointments right away and wait for us to arrive. That is why in the previous Sundays there were almost 20 or more who would attend the Bible study. Last Sunday, although there were just a few of them were not as different as the previous ones. When we arrived there they were playing Basketball since they actually built a make-shift Basketball ring, Kuya Bien Anatan who were the one who led the Bible Study let them finish their game first. We started late but it was worthwhile, when the Bible Study started and Kuya Bien talked about the story of the Rich Fool in Luke 12:13-21, I could see that most of those who attended listened attentively to everything that Kuya Bien is talking. Others have their eyes fixed on him listenin

Some of those who were listening to the Bible study were listening just like a child, savoring every word that Kuya Bien is saying as well as the passages that he’s reading from the Bible. The harvest is plenty indeed but the laborers are few, there came a time that I have second thoughts on attending the Bible study last Sunday. But after what I have witnessed I thank God that I didn’t listened to that tempting small voice telling me to just let the others go instead, just  like a child who is eager to hear a fairy tale story.  During these moments one scene from the movie Jesus of Nazareth came to my mind. It was the scene were Jesus was telling the Parable of the Two sons…. You can see how attentive, interested and eager are the children to hear Jesus’s story. Now this is just a portrayal in a movie but I am pretty sure that the scene is not far from what really occurred during the time of Jesus.

I learned a lot as well from the Bible study, I was just not there to assist but to be inspired and listen as well. One interesting person who attended our Bible study was an Indonesian guy, he also came with the group and attended our Special Songkran Sunday Services.  They told us that this Indo guy prefer to hang out with Filipinos than any other Nationalities that are also working in the Site. I believe he could only understand a little of what Kuya Bien was talking about since most of the time He was speaking Tagalog. But every time I look at the guy he was trying to understand and listen attentively to what the speaker is talking about. He told us that he can understand little English only but I know that God can open his mind to make him understand  about Christ and about our God. God willing the next time we go there and since Kuya Bien promised that he’ll be the one who will led the Bible study once again besides I don’t want to break the momentum that he has started among those who attended the Bible study. I will try to talk to the Indonesian guy and tell him about Jesus, I know that God will open his understanding even if he may say that he only know a little English  little is much when it is given to God.

Where is the Love?

11 02 2013

John 21:15-17  struck me the most in this chapter of the book of John.  It made me realize that even Christ would seek His followers to love Him more, more than the things of this world. Unfortunately, the world is getting glittery and is becoming enticing to the eye. This made most of the Christians today uncomfortable and sadly waver in their Love and commitment to Christ. The Bible says that our God is a jealous God, and this is what Christ has shown to Peter when Peter decided to go back to his old job. Instead of focusing his efforts and his time in fishing souls for Christ. He decided to go back to fishing which was his previous job,career or profession.

It grieved Peter that Christ would ask him three times if he love Him more than his job, it pained him that Christ didn’t believe him the first time that he answered the question. If we ourselves would like to know and be sure that our wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend really love us. Christ feels the same way too, the moment we have committed our lives to Him, we have fully surrendered our hearts to him which means He control our lives. The moment we submit to His will, we will surely see the wondrous things that He has in store for use. Unfortunately most of the Christians today lack faith and would rather live for themselves, struggling and doing everything with their own strength and when they fail, they blame God.

Where is the Love indeed? Do we really love Christ? Does He have first place in our heart or the cares, pleasures and riches of this world has choked us and has evicted Christ’s place in our heart?

Christ has given us His assurance that the moment He became our savior that we will have eternal life, now what He needs from us is the assurance that we really love Him and are willing to forsake everything for His sake. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we claim that we love Him and yet it is difficult for us to give for His ministry, dedicate our lives and our time in winning soul and in serving Him?

Christ has been asking this same question that He asked Peter over and over again and we chose to just ignore that question most of the time. If our wife or husband needs our assurance of love and commitment, how much more the very Person who suffered for us on the cross of Calvary. Isn’t it just fitting to show our love to Him, indeed faith without works is dead, as well as it will be impossible for us to believe that our husband or wife loves us if we couldn’t see any effort or good deeds and fruits from us.

The questions keeps on lingering and should be answered truthfully and honestly..WHERE IS THE LOVE my son? WHERE IS THE LOVE? That is God’s question to each one of us today.

“And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” Matthew 19:29