Welcome to the Family Yezha Khalyl

14 07 2013

July 8 was a Monday and just like any other Mondays, I thought it was just an ordinary day. But Hey! God’s thoughts is not our thoughts neither are His ways, so out of the ordinary it became an extraordinary for the entire family with some extra frightening news, that is.

I was here at the school doing my usual stuff and again with an another extraordinary task as that day there was an additional very young student that made his debut in our school. To make the very long story longer, I received a call from Sally, who was supposed to just have her regular Monday check up until August which is supposedly our baby’s due. She told me to go to the hospital right away because she is “already dying”, of course there was sarcasm in her voice so I didn’t react to what she just said, I asked her what’s wrong and she told me her blood pressure is way up over the roof (figuratively speaking). That is why the doctor let her stay at the hospital  to check and monitor on her blood pressure, so I went to the hospital right after that.

When I got there I couldn’t see  her in any place and when I called her, she said she was already in the Labor Room. What? Why is she in the labor room, her due was suppose to be on August that is on the Mid of August? There were so many questions in my mind during that time and all I could do was wait outside, waiting for someone to at least explain to me what is going on and what is happening to my wife. All I know is that her doctor told her to stay in the hospital for her blood and sugar to be monitored and now she is in the labor room. There were so many questions indeed and  worst of all I couldn’t call her because I don’t have a phone, my daughter got one but didn’t have any credit left…tsk tsk tsk.

We waited for more than hour outside of the Labor room until finally one of her Doctors came out and explained to me my wife’s condition and situation. Let me recall and relay it to you what I have remembered, I may leave out some details because I already have some minor problems in remembering certain things.

The Lady Doctor told me that Sally’s blood pressure is so high that they have to stabilize it first before they  could perform the CS…Whoaaa! wait!!! at the back of my mind I was asking why do they have to operate on her, is it really that necessary with her current condition? Of course since I don’t have the habit of asking questions I let the good doctor explain everything and I listened attentively.  She told me the need to cut her up and deliver the baby because of her condition and later on she told me the RISK of having the operation with her current condition. She told me that it might not be good for the baby and she(YEZHA) will have very weak lungs and will have to be incubated, there might even a chance that the baby might not make it through. It struck me but I didn’t say anything, all my mind could think is that I know that God will not abandon us and I kept on praying that I leave everything at His feet.  Then the lady Doctor told me about the RISK that Sally will be facing once she will have the operation, She told me that her blood pressure is so high there might be a risk of seizure during the operation and that there might be a non-stop bleeding during the operation which will be very difficult for them to stop it. She told me so many things during that time and all the gory details of what might transpire during the operation..in other words they were preparing me for the inevitable. With all the not so good news that has been relayed to me, all I could do was pray and asked God to be gracious to both my Wife and the baby and that whatever His will for both of them, I am willing to accept it and submit myself to it.

Then the Doctor asked my decision whether to allow them to operate on my wife, I replied to her with a question, Who’s decision was it to have the CS? The Doctor told me that it was my wife’s decision to have it right there and then and it is the best thing to do to avoid farther complications. Then, I told her that if that is what my wife wants then go ahead with the operation, she however assured me that everything she had explained might not happen to my wife but there is still that risk, I again told her to do the operation as long as it will be okay with both my wife and the baby no matter what the result would be, I already have committed  and surrendered it into the hands of God.

After relaying to me everything that I needed to know, the Doctor went back into the labor room and there Khiara and I prayed for her mom and the baby.After a couple of minutes the Doctor came out and told me that my wife would like to have a word with me, so I went inside the Labor room and wore a robe but forgot to wear a slipper…it was only when I was already inside the examination room that I realized that I was the only one who wasn’t wearing any slipper.

When I saw Sally, she was pale and there were some medical gadgets attached to her and she was in oxygen. She told me to get her things as well as the Doctors also talked to me about what will transpire during the operation. Before I left, I asked Sally if she had prayed already and she said Yes but asked me to pray with her as well, so we both prayed amidst all the chatting of the Doctors and the nurses as well as some of the interns, I asked for God’s grace and leave everything into His hands. After we prayed I didn’t realize that the Lady Doctor was watching us. After letting me sign three documents which is for her CS, Tubal Ligation and for the baby’s incubation, all of these documents were in Thai language but the lady doctor explained them to me and all I did was sign all the documents without any doubts and hesitations.after signing all of them the lady Doctor looked at me in the eyes and told me something unexpected, she said “don’t worry, I too am a Christian”. I believe it was her way of assuring me not to worry because everything will be fine and that she is on top of it all, it somehow comforted me but my thought were saying that it’s okay because God is in control of everything.

What she told lets me see God’s hands during that time, how He answered us in our prayers, how He see to it that Sally will be taken cared of by the right Doctor, one who could speak English fluently and most importantly a Doctor who believes in Him. You see that’s how good and gracious my God is, that is why when I heard all of the negative things or unpleasant news, I immediately committed them into my Father’s hand and He was there at the very moment that we needed Him the most.

Another amazing thing that God did was that even if our doctor told us that our baby will have weak lungs, the findings was way too different from what I’ve seen. Although she was incubated, she was the only one who didn’t have a life support and an oxygen to help her breath. Her only problem was that her sugar was way too low apart from that she was breathing fine and as the Doctor told me after Sally delivered the baby that they did well. One of the odd things that she couldn’t believe was that the baby’s Umbilical cord was entangled on her neck three times, which means if Sally did decide to have a normal delivery there was a chance that the baby might not make it.

Today both of them are just recuperating , the good news is we will be able to take home the baby when Sally will be released and will be allowed to go home already. Even the Doctor couldn’t believe what she saw and how every thing turned out but for me I am certain and convinced in my heart that God has planned everything way even we have asked for it.

To end my post, let me thank my NCF family for being there right away, to our Pastor and his family Ptr. Tonieth Tan, to the members of the fellowship, to Joy Sharani Castro and Sally’s Department Head Teacher Wattana, to Juvelyn, Vince(Who went to the hospital right away when he heard the news), to teacher Beth, Roda, Jonah and for those who sent their messages on my wife’s FB account, to her friends and to our family. Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all of your prayers.

To my wife, Thank you very much for giving us this precious and wonderful gift and I cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices that you’ve gone through all these past several months..I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

To our Yezha, you are blessed and loved so much, we’ve been waiting for you for almost 4 years and now God granted our prayers. may you grow in God’s grace and wisdom and may your life be used for His ministry when the right time comes. Welcome to our family we love you very much.




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17 07 2013

7 years of waiting not just 4 years….

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