Let Christ Rip it Off

18 06 2013

imagesAfter more than a year of staying within the Church and School building we’ve finally moved out and found a home that we can at least call our own, it was not really what we have hoped for at first. However, because of some circumstances in which I believe our first choice was not what God wants us to live in, we chose the current house. It’s quite big actually but who are we to complain, knowing that it is close to the church and school it will be convenient for my family.

Most of our visitors expressed their appreciation saying that it is such a beautiful house, Hey! isn’t it what God wants us to have..to have the best because we are His children? Anyway, there is no doubt about it, it is indeed a beautiful house however we found several small problems as we start to dwell in it. One of them is the toilet door at the second floor, we couldn’t close the door because the old rusted door hinge gave up and it was actually blocking or preventing the door to be shut tight. What the previous tenants did was tie a straw and made it as its temporary lock to just keep the door closed. Unfortunately, if you just rely on what they’ve just made, you could see the person inside the toilet. It’s quite stupid to think that you made a temporary lock to close the door but it cannot be  totally shut.

What we did then was remove the old  rusted and broken door hinge which has been preventing the door to shut, it took me a few minutes to rip it off from its place. It was stuck and my guess is that it has been there for a very long time now which i definitely think would have given discomfort to those who were living in that house during those times. After several minutes, I finally was able to remove it and it was only then the door can be totally shut. As I ponder upon it, a thought came to my mind. Sometimes we are like the toilet door, We have Christ in our hearts and we claim that we are His children. However, there some few things from our past that we cling onto, old sins, old grudges that we refuse to let go that is why there are times we couldn’t see God’s hands in our lives. God cannot compromise sin and He never will, no matter how BIG or SMALL you may think it is as long as there is sin in our hearts. God can not  give His full blessings to us. Just like the old, rusty and broken door hinge, we have to let Christ rip it off from us because it is only by leaving everything at His feet we will be ale to find true comfort and peace. It is only then   that we will be able to have a closer and tight relationship with God if we have learned to let go of those things that constantly bothers us and hinders us from fully serving our Lord and King.

It is only by surrendering everything to Jesus that we will be able to finally live in peace and comfort even in the times of struggles and challenges that may come into our live.

Matthew 11:28-30  (KJV)

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.




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