15 and more Years with God

10 06 2013

anniv15, yes it’s not really that long yet but I thank God for every year that He gave us. it’s been that long since we got married and to think that I actually forgot all about it. it’s a good thing that Facebook is there to remind us of some important events of our lives, thus it was that same social network that reminded me of an important event that I am not supposed to forget.

What can I say I am just human and to think that lately I’ve been having that problem of forgetfulness, I have been wondering about it myself. I feel like it is either because of my getting matured or it is because something’s wrong inside of me. Anyway, no matter what it is what counts most is that I have committed my life to God thus I leave everything at His feet.

Just like any couple or husbands and wives, we do have some problems too, we do fight as well but we thank God that we have three wonderful kids to constantly remind us of God’s goodness. We’ve been in the lowest points of our lives for several times but one thing that we could attest to each one of you is the fact that it is here in this foreign land that we both have seen how God worked in our lives. Most importantly in the life of my wife. When she came here first, she didn’t have that same kind of faith and belief that she has now. She was tied to the old and traditional religion that teaches a different way in gaining God’s favor, it was here that God finally opened her eyes and let her see the One and True God that deserves to be lifted up and worshiped. And ever since she opened her heart to God everything came to place and we have seen God’s blessings and goodness.

Last Saturday we have celebrated our anniversary with just a simple celebration, actually it cannot even be considered to be a celebration as there were only few menus on the table. A meal with a few and close friends as well as a family from God’s fold. Our simple celebration were attended by our Pastor and his family and some of the members of  our fellowship here in Thailand.

We may not have a grand celebration but what matters most to us is that we were with people who are truly close to us and considers us as family as well. Indeed, it was just a simple celebration but what matters most and what is more important is that we celebrated it with the fact that both I and my wife is committed to serve our God who has given us everything that we have now whether it is Bog or small. May our marriage be always pleasing in His sight up until that day that He will call us home.

To my wife who is always there beside me through thick and thin and through all my tantrums, I love you very much and thank you for the wonderful gifts that you gave me through our precious kids.

Happy 15th anniversary and more years in God’s ministry with you.




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