Mad as Hell

12 05 2013

imagesThree times was my sleep got interrupted last night, our two dogs where fighting in the middle and wee hours of the night. I have to get out of bed three times just to hush them down. The first two  times I was just outside the door and knock on it and they eventually would pipe down.

Naturally, I would go back to bed and try to get back to my sleep. They would at least give me an hour or so just to be bale to get back to slumber land only to be  awaken once again with annoying barking and whining of the  lady dog. So, for the last time I was so pissed that I was even thinking of throwing both of them down the building if I found out that they were just literally trying to get our attention. The last time that I checked up on them I turn on the light thinking that it was because it was dark.

So, there I was half awake and pissed at the couple of times our two dogs has interrupted my sleep. I opened the door and checked them out and I saw both of them in a corner. Bella (the lady dog) was sitting tight with her ass stuck to the pavement while Duke (the male dog) was behind her. I stared at them for a couple of seconds and both of them stared back at me as well. Both of them stopped barking and Duke eventually walk away from Bella, I stayed there for a couple of seconds more trying to figure out what was the commotion all about. Well, nothing came out of my mind so I shut the door and went back to bed, I didn’t hear anything from both of them afterwards. I guess both of them just gave up fighting, it was only when I was lying down that i realized what they were actually arguing about.

So, there I made out a conversation scene between the two it goes so you will also be able to understand their problem

BELLA: (SITTING DOWN AND PINNING HER ASS ON THE PAVEMENT) Leave me alone!! I don’t want to do it any more.

DUKE: What the heck is wrong with you, I need to scratch my ITCH and you are my B _ _ _ _! where do you want me to stick  IT in.

BELLA: The heck I care! I just don’t want you to touch back off.

DUKE: (FURIOUS) Listen Lady Dog if you will not let me touch you, I will bite your head off.

BELLA: I don’t care what you will do to me..I just don’t want to get pregnant anymore..I lost my three puppies the last time you got me pregnant..This time…you’re not going to get a DICE!!!


Okay, so that was the time I showed up interrupting their intimate conversations. Well, I guess poor DUKE has to park his IT for the meantime, anyways their will be plenty of nights to come by after all there is just the two of them. Someone will GIVE in sometime, somehow…right DUKE?!!!




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