Eager As a Child

22 04 2013


For several months now we’ve been going back and forth to the site where our Fellow Filipinos are working, it is just sad to know that most of their will end their contracts on May and some of them are going home. This will include their Foreman Celso Quina who’s one of the influence when it comes to letting them attend our Bible studies.

Last Sunday afternoon, we forgot to confirm to him that we are going to conduct the Bible study even though we’ve informed them ahead of time  when they have attended our church service  during the Songkran Holiday (Sunday). That was the reason why there were only a few of them who were able to attend the Bible Study since most of them went out to do their Laundry while others have things to attend to. One of those who attended the Bible study shared to us that they were not really expecting that we will be there since nobody called foreman and informed him. He then said that if someone informs their foreman he usually disseminate the information right so that those who got things to do or things to attend to usually cancel their appointments right away and wait for us to arrive. That is why in the previous Sundays there were almost 20 or more who would attend the Bible study. Last Sunday, although there were just a few of them were not as different as the previous ones. When we arrived there they were playing Basketball since they actually built a make-shift Basketball ring, Kuya Bien Anatan who were the one who led the Bible Study let them finish their game first. We started late but it was worthwhile, when the Bible Study started and Kuya Bien talked about the story of the Rich Fool in Luke 12:13-21, I could see that most of those who attended listened attentively to everything that Kuya Bien is talking. Others have their eyes fixed on him listenin

Some of those who were listening to the Bible study were listening just like a child, savoring every word that Kuya Bien is saying as well as the passages that he’s reading from the Bible. The harvest is plenty indeed but the laborers are few, there came a time that I have second thoughts on attending the Bible study last Sunday. But after what I have witnessed I thank God that I didn’t listened to that tempting small voice telling me to just let the others go instead, just  like a child who is eager to hear a fairy tale story.  During these moments one scene from the movie Jesus of Nazareth came to my mind. It was the scene were Jesus was telling the Parable of the Two sonshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE78opn-aM8…. You can see how attentive, interested and eager are the children to hear Jesus’s story. Now this is just a portrayal in a movie but I am pretty sure that the scene is not far from what really occurred during the time of Jesus.

I learned a lot as well from the Bible study, I was just not there to assist but to be inspired and listen as well. One interesting person who attended our Bible study was an Indonesian guy, he also came with the group and attended our Special Songkran Sunday Services.  They told us that this Indo guy prefer to hang out with Filipinos than any other Nationalities that are also working in the Site. I believe he could only understand a little of what Kuya Bien was talking about since most of the time He was speaking Tagalog. But every time I look at the guy he was trying to understand and listen attentively to what the speaker is talking about. He told us that he can understand little English only but I know that God can open his mind to make him understand  about Christ and about our God. God willing the next time we go there and since Kuya Bien promised that he’ll be the one who will led the Bible study once again besides I don’t want to break the momentum that he has started among those who attended the Bible study. I will try to talk to the Indonesian guy and tell him about Jesus, I know that God will open his understanding even if he may say that he only know a little English  little is much when it is given to God.




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