Sow and You shall Reap

17 04 2013


It has been said that whatsoever thou sowest, that shall also reap. If a person reap kindness in the end He shall also reap kindness, the same as if a person sow hatred or evil, that he shall also reap.

It is amazing how God uses people, ordinary people to bless or be a channel of blessing to His children. With one simple act of kindness that we have shown to Pat, it had made a great impact in his life. it was a long time a go since we have helped this young man but up until today, all he desires is to help us in any way he can. Even if he doesn’t really have that much, he always think about us. Every time he visit us he would always say that once he finishes his studies and become a professional, he’ll help us as well as he will also let us use his name to acquire a license in any kind of venture that we wish to start here in Thailand.

When we helped him, there was no intention of expecting from him or even to think that some day he will be of great help to us. One simple act of kindness, that’s what we all did and until today he keeps on helping us out.

One evidence of this is that after the Songkran holiday (Thai New Year) and after our little escapade at The Mall Ngamwongwan along with Erscil and Sandy, we went home and were watching TV. We heard a knock and when we open the door it was Pat. We’ve missed this young man for a couple of months since we last saw him.  Not that he doesn’t want to visit us but his part time job and studies constrains him from doing such activity. When I asked him what did he do during the three day holiday, he told us that he spent it doing some electrical wiring jobs and cleaning A/C from several clients. Which eventually led him or them with his Boss to our small abode.



They were driving the car that his Boss bought from us and inside it was a second  hand A/C. he told us that he’s going to give us the used AC. We didn’t know how to respond and he explained to us why and where he got the AC. He told us that one of their clients had several new AC and they discarded the old one. His boss asked the old one and he also asked it from his Boss. When his boss asked him what he’s going to do with it he said that he’s going to give it to his “honorary family”, that is why brought the second hand AC even if it was already late at night.

What touched me was not the AC that he gave but the act that he is continually showing to us, the concern as well as the kind of love that he is showing us. When he asked me what did we do during the Songkran holidays, I told him we just stay inside the house and watched movies the entire three days. He laughed and then told us that once he will have a spare time he will bring us to Pattaya and Hua Hin for a road trip or a tour. I didn’t expect much from the guy because I know he is very busy with his job and with his studies but I know he’s going to do what he has promised.

It made me wonder and amazed why people who doesn’t have much has the heart to give while those who live abundantly or who has a lot. Here is  a young man who sustains himself through his own effort or by his own, but thinks of others instead of thinking for himself. isn’t it the same characteristic or trait that Christ wants us to follow? Pat has professed a couple of months or early this year, whether he really did receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior that would be between him and God alone. All I know is that I could see a huge change in the life of this young man and I hope and pray that he will grow in God’s wisdom in the fullness of time.




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