Abortion Through Hunch

4 04 2013


Over the past several years, our only daughter has been asking for a baby sister, every time she sees a family with two girls she would always ask her mother when will she have her own younger sister. Her obsession of having a sister can be seen through the kind of passion that she shows with those who are younger to her, either in school or at the church. Late last year our prayers and her request was finally granted, my wife got pregnant but we’re not yet sure whether it’s a boy or a girl (she is still crossing her fingers on it). It makes her get excited so much especially when someone says that my wife is carrying a girl.

All of these assumptions would have been answered last Monday when my wife went to see a doctor for a consultation, unfortunately the doctor told her that she can’t have an ultrasound yet because the baby is just 5 months old. But later on, she told her that she can have her ultrasound the following week. What is irritating is that when the doctor found out that she is already 39 years old, the doctor assumed or told her that she is having a high risk pregnancy and there might be a possibility of delivering a baby with a down syndrome. So, okay that guess can still be acceptable but what was not acceptable is that when she suggested that she’ll take a liquid from my wife’s belly and test it and if she found out that something’s not right with the baby, she suggested that my wife should abort the baby right away.

Aren’t medical practitioners suppose to help save lives? Why the heck did she suggest such horrible act. It may be common and natural for them but not for us Filipinos. One cannot simply decide on such kind of act simply because she had a hunch. she may have based her decision on her previous Thai patients who fell in the same bracket that of my wife but she definitely doesn’t have the right to decide for us. As far as I know back in the Philippines, down syndrome is mostly common among Fil-Chinese and it can be hereditary. I know of a lot of Filipino Mothers ageing from 40 above who got pregnant and delivered healthy and normal babies, that is why it is so disgusting to think that she would actually kill a life based on her experience and hunch?

We’ve been asking and praying for that baby on my wife’s belly and no matter what the baby’s condition it is not our right to take the life of that person. She may think that it will be a burden for us if ever her assumption is true but Hey! who is she to decide ahead for us, our God is a living God and I know that He will never abandon us His children.

We appreciate her concern and her fear that my wife is already 39 years when she has that baby but I know that everything will be fine as it is God’s will for us to have this coming new member of the family.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:8(KJV) “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Whatever God’s plan for the new member of the family, it is only Him that knows and all we can do is submit to His purpose and will.




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