Google Adsense! Worth the Wait

2 03 2013

google pin

Well, it’s been a while since I post something interesting in this blog of mine. This is worth posting indeed since I wasn’t a firm believer of Google Adsense  before, this is because I have an account that has been disapproved before and it has been a long time since I applied for a new one.

Then again, all those disappointments didn’t entirely put me down, thus, I opted to re-apply for a new one. After Eons of waiting and finally have forgotten that I actually applied for a new one. It was when I built a new blog that I tried to activate my adsense it was during that time that I found out that I now have an existing and approved Google adsense account. Whoopiii and Yipppeee!!! finally, I got something to earn from almost three years of my blogging and working on the web. What is interesting is that I came to learn about the approval of my Google Adsense when my wife and I found out that she is carrying our new member of the family. Talk about God’s blessing.

It was then that I watched my Google earnings rose day by day. I could hardly believe the number of figures that I can see every day since I constantly check on it. Unfortunately, when my Google Adsense earning finally reach the threshold, it got frozen because I still have to wait for my Google PIN before they will actually send the amount I earned for the month. It took almost two weeks before it finally reached my doorstep, what is more disappointing is that it came when I was on my Visa Run to Cambodia. Well, what have I to complain since it finally arrived, a proof that I can now earn from Google.

What I have wait for now is the approval of my Adsense for content since it is here that I will also be earning a handful amount of BUCKS!!! For now, once again I need to wait. Wait also for my first Google Adsense CHECK..:)




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