To Steal for Fun

13 02 2013

38_seo-riWe were watching a Korean movie entitled “The Host” and in one of the scenes, two orphaned children break in a store. The younger one saw a box with money and he was about to steal it. The older one told him to put it back into the box because that would be stealing, the younger one asked if what they are doing aren’t stealing. They were actually packing noodles, biscuits and all sorts of groceries and goods into their bags. This is where the older boy explained that what they are doing is not actually stealing, in Korean it is referred to as “SEO-RI”. I got curious about it, to think that Koreans will actually let the poor ones or those who are in need of food and clothes raid their houses and not consider it as stealing just as long as they don’t take jewelries or monies…now, that would be stealing.

I looked it up on the net and I found one helpful information in Yahoo!answers. There it explains that SEO-RI is actually done by kids who are stealing farm products like watermelon, cucumbers or any farm products and animals. However, a long time ago in Korea such act is considered to be children’s mischievous  activities or fun rather than some sort of a criminal act. it was said that this is usually done by kids during summer nights, and steal some fruits or farm products just for fun. These kids enjoy the thrill that Seo-ri gave them, thus, why they were caught red-handed, some farmers who were generous would just turn a blind eye or turn their heads the other and let these kids go. These kind of fun usually gives a unique experience to Korean kids and a memory that they carry until they are old.

This made me think, this will not work in the Philippines. Kids will either be beaten or get shot by a shotgun if someone else will are try to raid a store or a house. I remember when I was young, if we take a guava from our neighbor, will be in great trouble right away. A unique culture that only belongs to the Koreans. I wonder if they still allow this kind of mischievous activity to kids.






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