Whose Birthday is Christmas Day?

10 12 2012

imagesA young child was watching people in all walks of life going to and fro in a shopping mall. He saw a certain part in the mall where there was a long line of people young and old having their items being gift wrapped. With awe and wonder on his face, he hold the hand of his father and asked. “Papa? Why are all those people falling in  line for a gift wrap?”

His Dad smiled at him and replied, “Son, they are giving it to their love ones”. “But isn’t today Christmas day“, the child followed up his father’s answer with another question. “Yes, I believe it is. What’s bothering you son?” This time it was the father who asked the question a she could see the wondering face of his young son.

“Isn’t Christmas the birthday of Jesus Christ?”

“Yes, it is. Christmas day is our Lord Jesus Christ‘s birthday” the father answered with a smile on his face.

“If Christmas day is Christ’s birthday, then why are these people giving gifts to the wrong celebrant?”.

The father was stunned with the kind of question that his young son asked and all he could utter was.. “HUH?!!”

The child continued to express his opinion and explain why such question came to his mind. “Isn’t it just fitting that Christ should receive all the gifts since it is His birthday? How about you Papa? What are you going to give us a gift to Jesus this Christmas? Can you buy one for me and give it to Him instead?.

You see, people are so conscious on what they are going to give to their love ones during Christmas, forgetting the real essence why we even celebrate such occasion. It’s true Christ doesn’t need any material; things from us even during His birthday, the problem is we have forgotten the true essence of Christmas and why the need to celebrate. Over the years, this occasion has been shrouded with too much commercialism, materialism and selfishness. Forgetting the very person who is the main highlight of the occasion  isn’t it just fitting to give recognition to the celebrant first and give Him the best gift that we could offer before we hand out gifts to others? How about you, what do you have for Christ this Christmas?




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21 12 2012
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