They Call me Teacher Pastor

22 11 2012

 Well, as the title suggests that’s what some of my students call me particularly this one cute little girl whom I have corrected not just once but actually a dozen times. She’s quite a smart young girl and every time I correct her about the way she is calling she would just retort. “That’s what you are a Teacher Pastor and you loo like one”. I always ended shaking my head because she really wouldn’t budge.  Although it may be as flattering as it may sound, it gives me the shiver every time I am being mistaken as a Pastor not just by my students but even those whom I get to know and met. What made them think that I am a  Pastor? I have no idea, all i know is that even if it may be as flattering as it may sound I AM NOT WORTHY to be called one.

I was raised in a Christian community where the designation or job description is way beyond what this world may be able to comprehend. A pastor is not just in charge of a building or a community but he is  the care taker of God‘s people and we are not talking of material needs but mind you SPIRITUAL NEEDS. If there is one individual that is ACCOUNTABLE to every person in his care, that would be the PASTOR.  This is the kind of job that requires a LOT of PATIENCE, because here you will have all sorts of individuals and personalities under your care. Aside from your own problems you are responsible to at least give them a  hand especially in PRAYER and biblical advice. If there are some of your members who failed to attend Sunday services, it is the responsibility of the Pastor to find out what was the reason behind the absence. It is the responsibility of the Pastor to make sure that each member is founded in Biblical principles and no one is ignorant about the things that are allowed and are not allowed in the church. This simply means that it is the duty and responsibility of the Pastor to indoctrinate its church members the right doctrine and make sure that each one is well equipped and educated  This will prevent undesirable things to happen in the end knowing that each member is embedded by the right biblical principles and doctrines that is not just acceptable to the church but to God first and foremost.

You see, it is not easy being a  Pastor and what is sad about some of the Churches or so-called Christians today is that you will be required to own a diploma to prove that you are a Bible School or Seminary graduate for you to be considered as a  Pastor. (I don’t have that, which means I am not definitely qualified to become ONE, in the world’s standard of course, however, can they prevent me if God will call me to the ministry? I doubt it very much, just like Ptr. John Pagliawan who happens to be one of the Filipino Pastors I admire back in the Philippines. Even if he’s been ridiculed and been laughed at by other churches that he started a mission even if he was not a certified Pastor, he still pursued that CALLING because he knows deep inside his heart that God is calling him to one of His Shepherds.

These are the kinds of thoughts that comes to my mind every time someone will mistook me as a Pastor and believe you me, I have been trying ever since to study and finish Bible School just to become one. But my calling is not being a Pastor but by what and who I am today. With that I can fully say that I am happy to be a part of every Ministry that God will put in any church where He puts me.

Teacher is much more suitable, but to be called a Pastor? I’d give due recognition and acknowledge to those who truly deserve to carry and bear the name. Now, I just have to convince that young girl to just call me Teacher  not TEACHER PASTOR, but it’s going to be a tough one 🙂




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22 11 2012
Donald Pagulong

You said it all Bro NZ regarding the work scope of a Pastor. You have also mentioned some churches that require diploma for one to be called Pastor. That I totally disagree and that where I am into right now. A church where I am regularly ministering sent a letter not once but thrice asking that I may be their Pastor. To make the story short, some influential members of my mother church refuse to give their ‘Yes” vote. Thus, I have to pursue my long-forgotten Theology degree just to please these elite ones. Praying and hoping that in God’s time a positive answer be serve.

Bro, that young child calling you Teacher Pastor, hayaan mo lang, in due time she will be enlighten. Yan din ang naranasan ko , alam mo ba one sunday, the congregation at Glory to God Baptist Church, in unison called me “Pastor”, hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko. Basta and lumabas na lang sa mga bibig ko, “”Mga kapatid, Kung ano mo ang nais ng Panginoon sa akin, then so be it”.

22 11 2012

Thanks for dropping by papz..appreciate it very much lalo na yung insights..kinabahan ako..baka later on baka ganyan din mangyari he he he

28 11 2012
Benjamin D. David Jr.

We cannot carry our Titles when we get to heaven,
Jesus Christ will ask us if we have done what is required of us being a faithful servant. Titles will not be honored in Heaven.

10 12 2012

Indeed…I agree with you..but just the same..I would rather be called a teacher..or a preacher but I am not a Pastor.. Thanks fro dropping by Benjamin..God bless

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