2 11 2012

Yup, it’s been a while since I put something on this blog of mine. Not that there wasn’t an interesting topic to talk about, I just didn’t have the will and the determination to write something. That includes of course the lack of interest of putting something new to this old blog of mine. After all it is called collective thoughts, ‘cause all I put in here are just some thoughts that comes to my mind, nothing more, nothing less. (sabi nga walang personalan, nababato lang).

Ever since my family and I came to Thailand, lots of people, friends and even the not so close friends promised so many things not just for my family but to me personally. What made them promise us so many wonderful things is entirely on their own discretion, it may be that they pity that it is only my wife who is working and earning or simply because they just admire the way we live.

The moment they promised something to me no matter how pleasant and interesting it may be, there is just one thing that I usually do, I DO NOT EXPECT too much from it. After all those are just words. Whether they fulfill it or not it is beyond my will. That is why the moment they fail to really fulfill what they have promised, I am able to just shrug my shoulders and move on with my life. I don’t feel any kind of hatred or resentment, neither do I hold them responsible to their word, I just let it go and commit it to God. This way I don’t feel any frustration and at the same time hold any grudge on them. As a matter of fact most of these people who may have once promised good things to come my way are still on my prayer list. I pray for them and pray that our God will bless them. Whatever reason they have of not being able to fulfill their promise is entirely their own, my life doesn’t evolve on what they have promised towards me and my family. But right now it evolves in God and His ministry. It is one of the reasons why we are still here and are able to survive despite the obvious fact that it is only my wife who is actually earning some money for the family.

When people or even those who are close to me and consider me as a family fail me, I don’t hold it against them nor do I take it on them. They may have their own reasons why up until now they are able to keep what they have committed and promised to us but one thing is sure God has already provided enough for my family and compensated me for those unfulfilled promise. I’ve learned to let go of things that may cause hatred and grudge against my brethren. It is only then that I will be able to still smile and shake their hands and show them that I love them as a brother and a sister.

Every time I feel that men fail me, I look up to Jesus because I know He will never fail and will always look out for me. There’ve been times that we felt we were alone when we started out the School ministry. But we never let go of that dream. Those people whom we expect to be there to help were never really there. We grope in the dark but we never let go of our faith in God. It is through this kind of faith that we have seen the marvelous and wonderful grace and blessings of God. If we have decided against those people who have pledged support and helped, we may never be able to do what we were set out opt do in the first. That is to do what God has implanted in our heart, to provide a good source of academic knowledge to our children and for some of the Filipino kids that are here in Thailand.

Whatever it is that you are set out to do, remember that men may not show interest in what you do or even show some support. But you are not alone and will never be alone if you are Christ’s child. He will lift you up and show you that you can do all things through Him. Put your faith and trust in God than in men, this way you will not be frustrated and achieve the aim and goal you are set out to do in this land. Go with God and do things because you know that He will back you up. Remember, He got you COVERED.




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