How to Post An Article and Insert an Image in a Blog

26 05 2012

As I promised to my  newly found family the NOT born this way group of Christians, here is a series of “HOW TO” articles that will help and guide you on how to do things on a blog. This series will include on how to post an article, insert a photo and how to share it into any of the Social networking sites on the web. This of course includes our chat room on FB 🙂 If you find certain misspellings and grammars on any of my posts, please forgive me as you know I am not a native speaker of the said language, the English language is just my second language that I am currently using here in Thailand. (unfortunately, i only get to use it for a few times as  most Thais are having difficulties in understanding the language…(sighs) So, here it is.. What I am going to teach you first is how to access our blog. Of course you are going to NEED to HAVE an account in GOOGLE. So, you need to sign up for an account to have a gmail address which is crucial in getting you access to our blog. Once you have an account, you will be redirected into this page…


Once there, just sign in using your gmail address and your password. You cannot access the blog however if you have not been acknowledged to be one of the authors. Once again you need to make sure that you have acknowledged the “INVITE” that has been sent to you.


Follow the instruction that you see on the image, just click the pencil icon. after doing what is illustrated on the image, you will then be led to this page…


This your notepad or it is here that you can do your posting. You can type your article right into the space or you can do it separately in an office application software i.e. Microsoft Word. All you have to do if you have typed your article on .doc Word file format is copy and then paste it on the blank page of your work space. just make sure that you put the title into the title space provided above. You can adjust the kind of font style that you want to use through the one tab that is marked above and you can also adjust its size. The most recommended font size is the “normal” size. You can explore the other features of this page for yourself later on because I know once you are familiar with its interface, you will certainly be able to do whatever it is that you want to do on this page.

That is basically what to do if you want to post your article on our blog. Now, the nest step is to insert an image into your post.

Remember that your image should be in line or connected with what you are talking about in your post. if you are talking about your testimony, you can put some pictures of you or anybody else or just an image that will illustrate your post. There are hundres of images that you can find in google.

So, here is how you INSERT AN IMAGE OR PHOTO on your post. To make it easier for you to understand I put an article on my illustration…Here is what you need to do..just follow the instructions and you’ll do fine 🙂


After clicking the icon, you will then see a pop out dialog box where it is here that you are going to upload your image or photo for the article. Just click the tab where it says “choose files” and you will be redirected into your default folder where your pictures are located. Or you can put the image on your desktop so that it will be easier for you to find and upload it into your post. I usually put my images on Desktop so that it will be easier for me to locate it. Just click on the image or photo of your choice and click “OPEN”, it will be uploaded right into the dialog box and then click  “ADD SELECTED”. This is how it should look like.


So, after doing all of these, review your post and then once you feel it is ready to get published, just hit the “PUBLISH” tab at the top of your work space. Once you do this your post is already live on our blog. To view your post on our Blog page, all you have to do is click on the “VIEW BLOG” tab.

And you just published your first blog on the NOTbornthisway BLOG. Congratulations and God bless.!! If there are any questions that you want to ask, just PM me on Facebook 🙂




One response

31 05 2012
Penny Searle

Thank you Nestor, wow, you did a G R E A T Job my friend!!!!!

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