Values Defines Culture

22 05 2012

ImageI  watched a thai movie a while ago which start one of the main casts of SUCK SEED, not Mario Maurer but the cheeky one. The title of the movie is TOP SECRET aka The Billionaire…the story evolves on a student who have been dreaming of making it big by having his own business, i haven’t finished watching it yet but there was one scene that made a lasting impression on how Thais or most of them actually handles a bribery situation, although I have heard some of those in authorities here are quite “CORRUPT”.

The scene was that the young man was selling his merchandise(PEANUTS) inside a mall, since they are actually cooking it the smoke darkened a portion of the ceiling. So, the manager wants the young man and his stall out of the mall. He eventually made a bargain with the manager that he is going to clean the dirty spot just by letting them stay inside the mall.

the young man  stayed until late at night together with his MOM, but he wasn’t able to finish the entire spot because he ran out of time. The guard insisted taht he levae the mall and fidnish his cleaning in the morning. The young man reached inot his wallet and handed the guard paper bills in whihc the guarad who were surprised staer at teh yiung man and then stared at the woman beside him. he then ask the woman, “Is this your son?”, the woman answered, “Yes He is”. The guard told the Mom straightforwardly, “You should teach your son the value of honesty and responsibility”, after saying these words he gave the money back into the young man and let the young man and the woman out of the building.

It was there that I realized that if that happened in the Philippines, the story will definitely go into a different direction. the boy was just asking  a few more minutes to finish his task but the guard insisted that he has to leave the place because it is already time and no one is allowed to be in that place in that particular time. The guard insisted that he is just doing his job and he will be in hot water if he will allow the young man to stay a little bit longer.

HONESTY AND RESPONSIBILITY..these TWO VALUES are hard to come by these days most especially to us Filipinos. It’s sad but it is a fact.

I have to finish the entire movie later with my kids because it has many values in it and will help them realize the importance of perseverance and at the same time PATIENCE. these are the main theme of the movie 🙂




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