To be the Number One?

27 03 2012

I was wandering all over the web considering that for the past week I have to put my online writing on hold. Although me assignment naman ako ngayon, unfortunately I have to wait for at least a week to know if tehy have been accepted by the article directory that I have submitted in.

Napadpad ako sa forum site ng and there I come across with the current discussions that they have about Thailand’s PM being criticized becuase of teh way she talks the English language sa harap ni Sec. Hillary Clinton. I was not really interested about it to think an understandable naman yun eh since English is not their primary language. What caught my attention is one of the image that was posted by one of the posters within the forum site. It was the latest statistic or chart (see image above), dito makikita yung mga Asian countries taht ahs been acknowledged by teh entire planet to be rthe ebst when it comes to speaking the English language. I was actually expecting the Philippines to be on top of the list since we have been bragging about it in the past several years. But Lo and BEHOLD, nakita ko na Singapore na pala ang nangunguna sa statistics. Sinusundan ng  India at pinaghatian ang pangatlong spot ng 3 bansa in which kasama na diyan ang Pilipinas.

Bigla kong natanong sa sarili ko, Ano ang nangyari? Do we still have the right to brag about being able to speak the English language? Well, we can still brag about it really, after all nasa top three pa naman tayo eh. But I am afraid that instead of going upwards, we are actually going down since we used to be on the top. Unfortunately hanggang sa  pagbabalik tanaw na lazng tayo, not unless today’s generation of Filipino youth will give importance to tehri studies, the only way that Filipinos are going when it comes to being recognized within Asia is way down. But, it’s too early to tell…sana nga lang maging eye opener ang statistics na ito or resulta ng test na ginawa sa lahat ng Asian countries.  It would be ironic to later on know taht Thailand will bypass the Philippines when it comes to speaking the language, since most ng mga nagtuturo dito is mga FILIPINO teachers.





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