Simple and Memorable

20 03 2012

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March 19 is Sally aka Yezha’s birthday. Very early  in the morning I asked Khiara if they have greeted their mother and she said they already have.

Then she added that they are planing to buy her a birthday cake which is their surprise gift for their mother. I asked her if they have the money and they said that they have. later on I found out that it was a bit short so I have added a hundred Bhat to their savings.

Thus, with a simple celebration. We enjoyed a delicious different kinds of menu in the evening. We didn’t invite any one since we are planning to have both Khiara and Sally’s birthday celebration at the River Tree House.

However, there were two Thais who were at the house last night. So, we were able to share with them the food that the celebrant had prepared. (I don’t know how to cook so, she has to do it). Teacher Wattana, Sally’s Department Head as well as a Thai family friend named “Ben” enjoyed the celebration with us. It was simple but indeed we all have a good meal and at the same time thanked God for adding another year to my wife’s life.

Indeed, God has been good and will always be good to His children.




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20 03 2012

Hi, Nes! Happy, happy, happy birthday to Yezha! 😉 With all my heart, I wish that her dreams that she had whispered in her mind (as she had blown her candles on her cake) will materialize soon. Luv yah both!

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