Pinoy Nga Naman!!!

17 03 2012

There were so many unusual things that happened to me this week, the first one is that I lost my “very expensive” cellphone.  I was never expecting to lose it since I always put it in front of my workstation, but last Friday I realize I lost it because I couldn’t see it in front of me. Hayzzz.. 😦 What a shame.  Anyways, I just want to ask the person who took it to come and see me and get it’s charger, it might be of no use to the one who took it.

Then, today during my visa run to Cambodia, we have seen how a Filipina worked her charmed just to be able to insert in along line of foreigners who were getting our visa stamped. There we are waiting in line along with the other foreigners who were waiting their turns in getting their visa approved on the Cambodia immigration. then this woman came from behind while we were falling in line. I thought she was just going to get the form but i noticed that she didn’t follow the line ad stayed on the side of one of the old Chinese man who were in a group tour.

She just stayed on his side and as I was observing her she later on started a conversation and befriended the man. I was actually hoping that she wouldn’t be  a Filipino but eventually got my answer as she was conversing in the English language and I kept hearing the man referring her to the group as “Philippine” (yan ang tawag sa mga Filipino dito sa Thailand).

Then, when it was about to be the man’s turn to have his passport stamped, she stepped in right away before the man could even stepped into the window of the immigration officer. (galing talaga, chinika lang yung matandang Chinese na nagpa-uto naman, ang masaklap di man lang nagpasalamat ang ALE…ang kapal! he he he). During these times the Filipinos that stole a jewelry in one of the biggest malls in Thailand came to my mind. Wondering, why the heck these people are doing shameful things, while there are hundreds of Filipinos who are mainly Teachers who are striving to do good and making the Philippines proud of them. Dahil sa mga kagagguhan at kakapalan ng ibang mga kababayaan natin, nadadamay pati ang mga matitino at nagsusumikap para lang guminhawa ang buhay.

Isa lang ang pumasok sa isipan ko sa mga oras na yun. PINOY NGA NAMAN, kahit nasaan gumagawa ng pangalan, sa kasamaan man uh kabutihan…tsk..tsk..tsk..




2 responses

23 03 2012

That’s one of my pet peeves, yun sumisingit sa pila. Thankfully, most of the other people who were also inline, calls out the attention of that specific “singit”.

24 03 2012

thanks for the comment and the visit..appreciate it very much 🙂

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