Hard Core Action Inspirational Film

9 03 2012

I was able to watch one of the latest films of Gerard Butler, the guy from “300”. at first I thought it was just one of those hardcore action movies that suits the brute characteristics of the actor. However, as I watched attentively, i found out that it has certain elements that cannot be found in any fictional films especially when it comes to hard-core actions. Although the movie has several lewd lines and dialogues, it was justified since it represents that old characteristic of Sam Childer. He is actually a  former convict and a biker which his life evolves on drugs and robberies. One can really wonder if indeed this kind of a person can be changed.The answer to such question came in within the half part of the movie  where he finally realized that he can’t go on any longer with the same kind of path that he is walking. Thus, with all desperation he finally attended the church where his wife who used to be stripper and were converted is attending. it was through then that Sam professed and accepted Christ as his savior. from then on, he started to walk a righteous kind of life.

However, the story’s main highlight is focused on the kind of ministry that he got involved in Africa. It was through this country that he became known as the “while preacher” and gained the admiration of the locals. It was  through this place that he started building his ministry which is an orphanage built for children who has been kidnapped by one of the supposedly Christian leaders in Africa in the person of Joseph Knoy. He hunted and intercepted every convoy that Kony sends and rescued thousands of children from sex slavery and from being sold as slaves.

This is not your average inspirational film thus you really need to prepare yourself for a nitty-gritty character and at the same time hard-core action. There are times that you’ll cry with the character and there will be times that it will let you realize what kind of evil men are capable of doing to others. Today, Childers is still in Africa continuing his battle against slavery and against the kidnapping of African children rescuing them from people such as Kony.





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