Let It Be Done According to your Will, Oh God!

7 03 2012

Life indeed is just like a  vapor that can appear for a short period of time as mentioned in James 4:14  but can also vanish in just a twinkling of an eye. We worry too much of what we need to have and what we need to do, we tire ourselves in preparing for the inevitable forgetting that there is something that we need to put our full attention. Preparing of what  our eternal condition condition will be. We may have gathered all the riches and wealth in this world, but you feel in your heart that you are still emprty.All of those things cannot buy the kind of happiness and peace of mind that you can find in Christ.

Laugh if you may, call me a fanatic if you want, but the mere fact remains that each and every one of us will come to a point that we will lay down in bed. With a weak heart beating to struggle and gasping every air that we can breathe. There is just but one being that can provide us the comfort and peace in letting go all our worries and out fears in facing our inevitable end. For with Christ in us  it is a new dawn, a new beginning that one can only hope and long for, on the other hand an inevitable damnation for those who has chosen to forsake the One being that offered His life for a ransom.

A friend of ours is facing a dire situation where she has to cross between life and death. A person where all the kindness and sincerity can be found, simple and faithful in seeking God’s love and relied solely in His grace and mercy. She may be facing the worst condition that a person can face but one thing is sure she knows that whatever happens, God will never abandon her and will hear her prayers not just for herself but for her love ones as well.

My prayer goes with this young lady a  she continues to battle and fight for her life with a machine attached to her to help her breath, she knows that whatever the outcome of such battle. She will still emerged victorious as everything that is happening to each and every child of God in this world has a purpose. Everything is in His hand and are all part of His will and plan to each  and every one of His children.




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