1 03 2012


I have received something unexpected from one of the “makulit” TFD member today. I wasn’t expecting anything and  I have wondered as to what is it that she is up to since she’s been “begging” me to be online for the entire day. Then later on she blurted out that “they” (TFD-FB) are handing out some awards in which it was generously designed by JC Pineda one of the admins of the TFD site. Although I appreciate the gesture as well as the acknowledgement there is just one question that comes to my mind. DO I DESERVE THIS AWARD?

I have separated myself from the group within FB knowing that it has only brought me certain sadness and vexation in the spirit. One thing which I don’t want to be experiencing anymore, so i have disassociated myself with the group and has finally gotten my acts together. it was  a relief (to be honest), and less stress for me as well. 🙂

Anyways, my heartfelt gratitude for such an award but I am not worthy of it. Just the same thank you for those who are keeping the TFD-FB page and most especially the  TFD site tight and still standing. KUDOS to all of YOU, lalo na  sa mga ADMINS. 🙂




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2 03 2012

You left the fb group thinking that you were the problem and you wanted to start on your own. We respected that. But we noticed that you still remained with the group at the TFD site. You’re still part of the family. And even if no one reminded you or coaxed you to do so, you also helped move the site along by participating there and posting informative articles that members and visitors can find truly useful.

So, in answer to your question here… Yes, you are worthy of it, Nes. 😉 Congratulations for being one of the M.P.A. (Most Productive/Partic[pative Author) Awardees for the very first AWARDS DAY of TFD held at the tfd-fb group! It’s a beautiful blessing from above, doncha agree? All the best, Nes! 😉

2 03 2012

tse.. 🙂

2 03 2012

Nyehehe… narito na ang sakit ng ulo mo… mamaya mo na ko palayasin. Gusto ko lang sabihin thanks for everything and you deserve this. O, konting satsat lang yan ah. K, layas na ko!

2 03 2012

salamat sa dalaw…dami kaya sakit sa ulo sa tfd… 🙂

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